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Att driva förändring

Att driva förändring

  • 7th September 2020

RISE ville skapa förutsättningar för chefer och medarbetare att känna sig trygga under pågående förändringsprocess.

ACT with your Head, Heart and Hands!
Christina Hogan
Christina Hogan
CEO • Certified Professional Facilitator

ACT with your Head, Heart and Hands!

  • 12th August 2020

How Lorensbergs and Alfa Laval won the EME's first Platinum Facilitation Impact Award.

Developing an organisation means seeing both the interactions between two people and the culture as a whole. It is in the both/and. And we use a solutions-focussed approach to do it; we find out what works so we can do more of it!

We use terms such as microsystems, wirearchy, viral spread and self-organisation rather than concepts such as hierarchy, implementation, roll-out and top-down. We believe that a client’s internal resources can facilitate change using a modern approach to complexity and facilitative methods….. and in the long run, even better than a team of management consultants that steps in and steps out, proposing and then leaving.

We believe that change begins with each individual and the small micro-system around them, for example, a patient, a process, a customer group or a development team. If this is how you are starting to think of development, we’d really like to work with you!

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