Our promise to the planet

How Lorensbergs contributes to a better world

At Lorensbergs we want to work towards creating a better planet. Our objective is to build a sustainable frame and foundation whether we are developing our own organisation or our client organisations.

For us, a sustainable foundation includes focusing on the three P’s – Planet, People and Profit. We want to protect the environment, run an ethical business, support our communities, and cultivate the best from our teams and clients.

Our vision is to be the most sought-after facilitation partners with a glocal perspective. We believe that every interaction matters and by facilitating conversations and dialogues that embed the principles and practice of sustainability, we can contribute to a sustainable future.

We have chosen to focus on the following Sustainable Development Goals where we believe we can have an especially large impact.

Sustainable Development Goal
Internal focus

We offer Black-belting training programs to strengthen each consultant’s knowledge and development on leadership, team development and facilitation.

Our ERG( employee resource group) explores how to develop Lorensbergs with an IDG lens.

External focus

We offer development programs in leadership, team development, change management and facilitation which we believe will strengthen the ability for our participants/clients to make a difference in their work.

Our interventions are linked with and support the Inner Development Goals and we work to make these links clearer.

Sustainable Development Goal
Internal focus

We actively recruit and work towards strengthening gender equality in our organisation.

We do this by focusing on building a transparent and open culture with explicit ways of working within diversity & inclusion. This means intentionally reviewing human rights and ethical responsibility to ensure healthy power dynamics internally and externally.

External focus

We deliver programs that support increased gender equality with our clients like DEI elements or executive women’s networks.

This also means asking tough questions to our clients about their leadership teams and board members and working towards highlighting the missing perspective.

Sustainable Development Goal
Internal focus

We offer sustainable working conditions to our employees, in line with local regulations, labour law and human rights. We experiment with the four-day work week and flexitime policy to ensure recovery is a part of growth.

We want to be a profitable organisation and thus be able offer attractive career opportunities in the communities we operate. Our due diligence in recruitment and onboarding is crucial for this.

External focus

We only work with clients and partners that adhere to these regulations and we support clients with learning experiences focused on scaling their business in sustainable ways as well as coaching for mental health and learning about what it takes to recover and reflect.

Sustainable Development Goal
Internal focus

We work actively to minimise our own climate impact by reducing our travel, organising events with sustainability in focus, having “reducing, reusing, recycling” in mind.

We have established an Internal Code of Conduct + Supplier/Partner Code of Conduct.

Examples of areas we look at: greenhouse gas emissions, paper usage, energy and water, office supplies and food, transportation, and business travel. We have a travel policy in place. We monitor this twice a year and take action for improvement.

External focus

We expect our partners to follow our code of conduct.

We highlight their climate goals and show how we work towards them as a part of our partnership. We document these sustainability principles in our client partner mapping. This work is then demonstrated and mirrored back to them in our partnership results process.

Sustainable Development Goal
Internal focus

We choose to establish close partnerships that address how sustainability can be embedded in the collaboration.

Our Employee Resource Group focuses on the Inner Development Goals, participating in its network and advocating its messages.

External focus

We believe that every interaction matters and with facilitation as the backbone of our pedagogy we support dialogues and conversations with clear intentions to work for a better planet.

We aim at having an even closer connection with the Inner Development Goals in the years to come.

Our goals for the next two years

Build a sustainable foundation
– By being a stable, profitable organisation we offer an attractive workplace and reliable partnerships with our clients. We do that by building relevant and high level competency, having recruitment and onboarding processes that secures diversity and inclusion, creating internal processes, ways of working and guidelines that help reduce our climate impact.

Cultivate partnerships we are proud of – It is essential for us to work closely with our clients to support their organisational development and raise their awareness about sustainability. We aim to establish teams with the greatest competence and local engagement to reduce travel and through our ways of working we encourage innovation and the creation of new solutions

Build our boutique brand – We want to offer high-quality services and practices where sustainability is embedded. We clearly communicate our ambitions on how we are an attractive employer and partner.

This is us

We believe in facilitation that makes interactions matter. Whether it is in the hallway or on a global stage, we believe that culture curates behaviours and behaviours build cultures.

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