Philip Littorin

Organisational Consultant

Organizational consultant and behavioural scientist with a real passion for people! With bachelors degree in Pedagogy as well as Human Resource I use these learnings to connect with groups and individuals to create real impact. My true aim is to have an open and safe atmosphere in my interactions but also energy and humor- both and is the keyword!

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My background

I started out teaching athletics/sports, then continued with various roles within HR, Recruitment and as a manager. The last 8 years the main focus has been within organizational, team and individual development as well as learning and development. Have been in a lot of tough and difficult “real” situations conflicts, difficult conversations with employees and managers as well as students. Feel comfortable at handling many different kind of people and teams.

My favourite quote

“Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy”

– The Eagles

Awards and certifications