Lisa Jonason


Lisa has a double degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg. She also has a coach diploma according to the standards of ICF.

How organizations can create a work climate where individuals thrive in their roles and have fun while doing so, is something that has always been at the core of her heart. Therefore, it is perhaps not so strange that Lisa’s heart beats a little faster for strengthening and developing individuals, teams and organizations with the help of organizational psychology and methods in the field.

She describes herself as an organizational psychology geek and is always looking for new methods and research that she can sink her teeth into, and give the very best of this to the organizations she works with. Through a genuine interest in developing individuals in combination with being perceptive, inclusive and passionate – she creates a climate where people feel safe and dare to challenge themselves. As a facilitator and coach at Lorensbergs, Lisa works, for example, with leadership training and leadership coaching.

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