Josefine Gillver

L&D Consultant & Facilitator

My role as a Learning Partner and Facilitator involves ensuring the organization has the right knowledge and skills to meet its business goals while fostering employee growth. I do this by:

  1. Identifying business needs.
  2. Designing solutions to acquire necessary skills.
  3. Facilitating behavior change.

In essence, I work on strategic change in organizations to help employees achieve their goals. I have a decade of experience in various sectors, prioritize business impact, embrace diversity, and focus on skill development in our dynamic world at Lorensbergs.

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More in depth background

I hold a degree in Behavioral Sciences, a diploma from Berghs School of Communication, and extensive leadership and project management experience from organizations like IKEA, OnePlus, Tre, and NGOs. My mission is to empower organizations to be more effective, conscious, and value-driven.

I began my career with NGOs, coaching young leaders in value-based leadership. Later, I joined IKEA in China as a Communication Business Partner, promoting IKEA’s values.

In 2018, I co-founded ‘Explore China,’ a value-based leadership program, which introduced me to the tech sector.

My expertise in values, communication, business development, and leadership, along with my curiosity, led to roles like CMO in a Stockholm startup and a Learning Partner at Tre. Today, I assist individuals, teams, and organizations in implementing strategic learning agendas for employee growth, performance improvement, and business success.

Recommendations for book, article, podcast

– a Swedish documentary podcast exploring the grand visions and dreams of the tech world – and its dark underbelly.

Fun fact about me

The first money I ever earned came from royalty from lyrics to a song that I wrote with some friends, at the age of eleven. It’s about friendship.