Christina Hogan

CEO • Certified Professional Facilitator

Our CEO at Lorensbergs is driven by facilitating real change in organisations and helping teams make conscious and deliberate decisions. A Canadian in Sweden, Chris has always considered herself a “learning monster” which allows her to curate, collaborate, and create learning experiences for organisations worldwide. She has a Master of Educational Technology, a Master of Adult Learning and Global Change and a Bachelor of Business Administration. The latest in neuroscience and organisational design makes her light up.

In 2016, Chris partnered with long-time client Alfa Laval to win EMENA’s first Platinum Facilitation Impact Award for their work on facilitating change to one global claims process and tool. This powerhouse works with clients like Spotify, Zenuity, and Bisnode to prepare their leadership for the complexity of the future. Life before Lorensbergs was spent as an Instructional Designer, National Training Manager and learning architect for blended learning programmes in Taiwan.

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