We develop organisations

Developing an organisation means seeing both the interactions between two people and the culture as a whole. It is in the both/and. And we use a solutions-focussed approach to do it; we find out what works so we can do more of it!

We use terms such as microsystems, wirearchy, viral spread and self-organisation rather than concepts such as hierarchy, implementation, roll-out and top-down. We believe that a client’s internal resources can facilitate change using a modern approach to complexity and facilitative methods….. and in the long run, even better than a team of management consultants that steps in and steps out, proposing and then leaving.

We believe that change begins with each individual and the small micro-system around them, for example, a patient, a process, a customer group or a development team. If this is how you are starting to think of development, we’d really like to work with you!

Our interactions

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