Virtual facilitation

How can you create commitment, participation and clarity in virtual meetings? In this course we work together to optimize leading and facilitating meetings at a distance.

January 29th

9:00 - 12:00
In English
3000 SEK

Have you, like many others, realized the need to lead really good virtual meetings and workshops has increased over the past year? How can you create commitment, participation and clarity when meeting participants are spread all over the world? How can different virtual platforms such as Teams or Zoom prove invaluable when you facilitate virtual meetings and workshops?

During 3 virtual hours, we will work together to optimize leading meetings at a distance; virtual meetings that involve, engage and where you feel safe in the role of facilitator.


After completing the course you will have:

  • basic knowledge of how to create virtual meetings that keep participants involved and active.
  • basic knowledge of practical functions in different virtual platforms
  • knowledge of various meeting tools and success factors for leading virtual meetings
  • knowledge of the facilitative role and the ability to apply a facilitative approach in virtual meetings