Lunch & Learn

An activity part of IAF Facilitation Week.

October 22th

12:00 - 13:00
In English

Welcome to a Lunch & Learn about how facilitation can create engagement and impact in a transformation in a Pharmaceutical Company, Roche. The project has been awarded with IAF:s Facilitation Impact Award.


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Why should you attend?

We will share practical examples of how we engaged the organisation in the transformation to adopt more agile ways of working. How we prioritised mindsets and behaviours before organisational structures and how the work has contributed to an increase in co-creation activities with customers.



Bring your lunch to this on-line event where we will share our story for about 30 min and then have about 10 min for questions.


What will I get?

Practical, hands-on examples of how you can create engagement and how facilitation can be a tool to reach that. In the panel: Elena Wallén Björkenäng, Certified Professional Facilitator at Lorensbergs, Christian Feinberg, Commercial Lead och Transformation Co-lead Roche AB and Pär Skoglund Finquist, 359 leadership AB, former Transformation Lead Roche AB