Facilitate meetings & workshops F2F

Classroom training 2 days
Central Gothenburg
13 000 SEK
Do you, like many of us, long for physical encounters? Now, more than ever, the need for really good meetings is great. For 2 two days, we will together create good conditions for leading and facilitating meetings, workshops & processes that involve, engage and where you feel safe in the role of facilitator. Does it sound interesting? Welcome to register!


What and Why?

How can I, as a facilitator, make it easier for a group to achieve its goals effectively? What methods can I use to design workshops that stimulate creativity? How can I understand group dynamics? How can I deal with disagreements? How can facilitation as a key competence contribute to creating learning in the organization?

In this course, we meet during a two-day "training camp" with experience and exercise-oriented design. The training focuses on giving participants increased role awareness and developed knowledge and skills in terms of method, design, communication, group dynamics and self-insight.


For who?

Persons who facilitate meetings and workshops in various types of projects and / or who facilitate group development and group dynamic processes. The education requires basic knowledge in meeting management and presentation techniques.


As a result of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe what facilitation is and define the role of facilitator.
  • Define contracts / assignments and design facilitation arrangements based on the client's (group's) needs.
  • Communicate with the help of both "indirect" and "direct" influence.
  • Describe group dynamic processes that facilitate or hinder successful group collaboration.
  • Manage conflicts and disagreements in groups.
  • Select and use the skills and methods required for successful facilitation sessions.
  • Give and receive systematic and developing feedback.
  • Describe their strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator and identify continued development needs.