Facilitate meetings and workshops

Want your meetings and workshops to be more dynamic? This course looks at how to elevate the meetings you facilitate and generate learning for the entire organization.

November 5th & 16th

9:00 - 12:00
In Swedish
3000 SEK

Do you lead meetings and workshops and want them to be more dynamic? As a facilitator, how can you create even more commitment and clarity about goals and results when you lead meetings? How can interaction and awareness around design elevate the meetings you facilitate and generate learning for the entire organization?

This course aims to provide methods to make meetings more dynamic and processes more efficient. The training also aims to understand and try out different approaches and learn how facilitation methods can be applied in work meetings. Prepare yourself for two virtual workshops (3 + 3 hours) filled with learning and interaction!


Learning objectives

After the end of the training, the participants will have:

  • Defined what facilitation is and described the role as facilitator based on IAF's competencies.
  • Described what a facilitative approach entails and how to achieve results and reach conclusions and solutions at work meetings.
  • Designed different types of meetings & workshops based on thorough preparation and a good client contract that has a clear common theme for the overall picture.
  •  An understanding and the knowledge to select the right methods and technology to generate effective design, participation and creativity in order to satisfy the purpose/goal of workshops / work meetings.
  • Handle difficult situations and guide discussions in groups such as disagreements & conflicts.
  • The ability to describe their continued development needs as a facilitator