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We believe facilitation unlocks endless possibilities. It transforms the way organisations, teams and people interact. It is the understanding that the answer is in the room. It is at the heart of everything we do.

What does facilitation mean? Facilitation comes from the Latin word ‘facilis’ or ‘facile’ which means “to make it easy”. Lorensbergs makes it easy to bring about real change.


─────── ABOUT US ───────


Lorensbergs was founded in 1995 with a passion to combine outstanding learning design with a psychological depth and scientific tools and methods. We believe that the combination of these tools in interventions to develop leaders, employees and teams facilitates lasting results. We want to bring about real and lasting change through the work we do, in everything from individuals' attitudes toward themselves, others and their work… ultimately to change the entire organisation's culture. We appreciate when our clients lead the way for real change by demonstrating the behaviours they expect of others. We facilitate real change!

We want to give our clients the very best professional support they can possibly get. To live up to that we constantly improve the way we work by identifying areas to develop in and implementing new tools and methods in our own organisation. With a rare combination of experienced psychologists, professional facilitators, coaches, training specialists, an in-house digital design team and management consultants worldwide Lorensbergs facilitates growth and improvement.









We want to work in a mutual, genuine partnership with our clients, based on trust and openness. We value long-term relationships and to learn together with and from our clients, so that the added value of our interventions exceed expectations in our client’s organisations.



People that are passionate about making a real difference.


People who model and lead the way for change by demonstrating the behaviours they want to see in others.


To build strong and lasting partnerships with our clients.



People that want a quick fix, not willing to invest what it takes to bring along real change.


People who are not serious about change and improvement and the value of it.


To see ourselves as just suppliers delivering a service

─────── WHAT WE DO ───────



We work with change management based on a solution-focused approach; we find out what works and then do more of it!


We use terms such as microsystems, wirearchy, viral spread and self-organisation rather than concepts such as hierarchy, implementation, roll-out and top-down. We believe that a client’s internal resources can facilitate change using a modern approach to complexity and facilitative methods….. and in the long run, even better than a team of management consultants that steps in and steps out, proposing and then leaving.


We believe that change begins with each individual and the small micro-system around them, for example, a patient, a process, a customer group or a development team. If this is how you are starting to think of change, we’d really like to work with you!


Organisations come in all shapes and sizes with different cultures, strategies, visions and challenges. So when we think of how to develop leadership in an organisation, we start with the premise that there is no ‘one size fits all’.


We take great care to create programs and interventions that suit your organisation’s unique situation and needs. We help you to find the solution you need, from the coaching of individual managers, development of management teams, virtual leadership development programs or change leadership.


What characterises a good leader? What makes a good team member? Is there that much difference, really?


Today we have high demands on a team’s ability to lead, initiate and develop, but there are still few organisations that choose to invest as much in developing team membership than those that you choose to invest in managers and their leadership. We want change! In the majority of our development programs for managers, we provide dialogue guides and facilitation material so that managers can transfer the learning they have developed with their teams back in the workplace setting. So for every trained leader, the organisation has developed a team at the same time. Smart, right?


Sometimes in a team process or a leadership process, individuals need a bit extra support. From coaching to language training to personality assessments, we actively look for solutions that create engagement and commitment in individuals. It is about conscious and deliberate practice as an individual.


Since our beginnings in 1995, we have continuously developed our experiential and constructivist learning techniques. All of our training programmes are designed based on neuroscience and brain-friendly learning. Most importantly, we should facilitate creation, not consumption.


Based on our knowledge and expertise in pedagogy, psychology and virtual learning, we can both help our clients by providing internal trainers / facilitators that can support how learning can be designed to deliver the requested results and also by developing Just-in-Time Learning (JITL), which means learning tools when and where you need them: eBricks, eCoaching, apps and videos!


We offer a range of our Signature Courses to individuals who would like to develop themselves further. For those who prefer to learn with participants from a range of organisations or for those who would like to have a taster of Lorensbergs, then this is for you.


Facilitate more! Our Open Courses for Spring 2020 (Swedish)



Komini is our in-house creative agency working in all areas of design.


Specialized in the areas of web, video and branding, Komini strives to make clients stand out from the crowd. At Lorensbergs, they are focused on polishing our client materials as well as delivering cutting edge digital experiences, like our new platform for Digital Facilitation.


Their expertise spans a variety of areas, including websites, videography, animation, visual identities, logos and social media campaigns. As a client to Komini, you have high expectations, but you are also brave and open to new ideas. You are not afraid to think differently – to stand out.

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Questions? Viktor will gladly help you with any queries.


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