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Eileen Dowse

Eileen is Organizational Psychologist blazing new trails in the practice of Agile Leadership- which places emphasis on quality, speed and collaboration. She has extensive practical experience in the field of global leadership and cultural competency development. As an Organizational Psychologist and Certified Master Facilitator, she is widely regarded as one thought-leaders in the industry, helping organizations focus on being more responsive, adaptive and effective.

Eileen is an award-winning author of "The Naked Manager, How to build open relationships at work". She has also written “The Agile Business Leader, The Four Roles of Successful Leaders” which has been translated into Chinese.

She has a master’s degree in Adult Learning and a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology. Eileen uses common-sense wisdom, contagious humor and innovative ideas to offer exceptional professionalism and customized services. Clients seek out Eileen for her services in executive coaching, educational programs and facilitating sessions to produce innovative results.