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Frank Stenman

Frank is one of the founders and a consultant at Lorensbergs. He is a chartered psychologist by profession and has been working in the field of organizational and work psychology for over 20 years. Frank's expertise extends over the areas of: Leadership training, communication skills training, employeeship, presenting skills, team building, conflict management, appreciative inquiry and facilitation. Frank's passion and specialist area is helping organisations develop employeeship - or metarbeterskap as we call it in Sweden. This means facilitating the transformation of deeply rooted attitudes and mental pictures towards work, colleagues and managers, in a direction from a vertical mindset - which is about controlling, or being controlled - to a horizontal one - which is about collaboration, ownership, accountability, and loyalty. In short, releasing the thriveable workplace, where the personal energy of individuals is not merely used up, but also created. This calls for a horizontal leadership style aligned with a horizontal employeeship. Frank is also licensed and very experienced in using a range of psychometric tools.
+46 708 18 15 34

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