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Åse Thorsén

Åse has a master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management and she is also a psychosynthesis therapist. Also, she is a singer.

For over 20 years Åse has helped large Swedish corporations communicate with their customers and employees – in everything from change management and training to marketing and communication.

Åse’s broad background and long experience has made her good at bring together the soft with the hard – the heart and the mind. She is good at helping customers find the real core of a problem, and she is good at putting into words what others can feel but cannot explicitly express. Another strength of hers is to meet people exactly where they are.

Åse is passionate about creativity, personal development, meeting others in an authentic way, and to help free people’s potential.

Examples of customers Åse has been working with are: AstraZeneca, Volvo AB, IKEA, Renault, Volvo Trucks, Volvo IT, GothNet, Sulzer, and others.
+46 739 73 31 02