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Peter Håman

Peter has thorough international experience, including eleven years from several senior positions and consultancy assignments in London, particularly within the service industry. He holds two academic degrees; one BA (Hons) in International Hotel Management from IHTTI, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Peter’s varied background from Switzerland, New York City, London and Italy, reflects his genuine passion for people, and his ability to communicate, engage with and encourage people on all different levels and from diverse backgrounds. By establishing trust and credibility, Peter engages and builds a business culture, in which those involved understand and believe in what they do. With an open-minded approach and a positive personality, Peter coaches, develops and empowers high-performing teams in order to ensure that clients’ expectations and their unique business needs are met. As a consultant for Lorensbergs, Peter specialises in group facilitating, leadership training, organisational development and communication.