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Beate Bjelke

Beate is a sought-after trainer/speaker within the areas of personal effectiveness, communication and leadership. As well as having a passion for these areas, Beate also is a superb presentation skills and intercultural communications trainer. She delivers speeches, workshops, individual coaching and training, as well as “train-the-trainer” and enjoys creating positive energy. Therefore, the atmosphere in her work is that of enthusiasm, humour and possibilities. She has worked with people from different cultures; different functions, different sectors and nationalities, in Sweden and globally. Her education is a B.A. from the University of Oslo and she is a trained consultant by the company TMI (Time Manager International). She has started a training in Psychotherapy and is a Process Coach. With a Scandinavian background, Beate easily works with groups from Sweden, Norway and Denmark in their respective languages.
+46 707 15 94 33

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