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Christina Hogan

Christina is a Senior Partner at Lorensbergs and drives the learning and virtual portfolios. She is a Behavioural Scientist with a Master in Education. As a GDQ certified consultant, Chris has thrived with virtual and face-to-face teams all over the world in team-building and leadership programmes. Chris works closely with organisations to create visions, lead processes and visualise results. She has been a part of great success in large-scale motivational change projects like the creation of global / virtual teams in Volvo Group and the transformation of face-to-face leadership programmes to blended learning experiences with companies like SKF and Alfa Laval. With a cutting edge pulse and professionalism, Chris is a leading light in virtual facilitation as a Certified Professional Facilitator; helping organisations cut costs by driving team development in interactive and engaging new ways of working.
+46 760 20 78 40

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